WaterBasics Emergency Water Storage Kit w/Filter (60 gal, RED-II-120)


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The 60 gallon WaterBasics Emergency Water Storage Kit is an innovative alternative to bulky, rigid water storage containers. It's a practical choice that offers drinking water protection when a reliable source of drinking water is compromised. The simple fold and pack design makes it easy to store in closets, under beds or in other small spaces. It's only minutes from system set up to safe hydration. The kit includes a high flow hand pump that operates without need for power or electricity, a fully collapsible food-grade water tank with dip tube, and a rigid wall structure. The 10 ft retractable hose makes dispensing into smaller containers easy and comfortable. It comes standard with our RED LINE filter - the most robust filter in our line up. The RED LINE filter removes protozoan cysts, like Cryptosporidium and Giardia,and even the harder to filter pathogens, such as bacteria and virus. RED LINE greatly reduces chlorine and chemicals and improves water clarity, taste and odor. The kit is available in both 30 gallon and 60 gallon sizes an can be used with any WaterBasics Series II filter. Filter made in the USA.

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