SurvivAMINO Emergency Food Tabs by Vitality Sciences (7 day supply), 100 Tablets


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Do you trust your survival food supply with your life?Whether you're backpacking the Himalayas or practicing emergency preparedness, the stakes are high. Hopefully you will be well prepared, but what if something's missing? Imagine being deep in the woods, feeling weak from lack of food and reaching into your survival kit. Maybe it's too wet to light a fire. Or worse, it's been weeks since you've had anything but beans and your bulky freeze dried emergency food is gone. You can't keep your body functioning.That's why we made SurvivAMINO.We created the first formula built to be a total replacement for protein. It contains all eight essential amino acids to keep you strong and thinking straight in the most stressful situations. Unlike cans of meat or big food buckets, you can fit a week's worth of protein in the palm of your hand. You can take it anywhere. It's no surprise that soldiers use SurvivAMINO to supplement their MREs.SurvivAMINO is shelf stable and made entirely of crystalline amino acids which do not deteriorate like normal food. You simply take a handful three times a day to replace the amino acids you would get from your diet. SurvivAMINO is gluten free, paleo, vegan and made in the USA.Thousands of survivalists, backpackers and preppers across the country trust SurvivAMINO. Many try it out for a weekend hike or as camping food to see how they would respond in a real survival scenario. Some have used it as a TOTAL replacement for protein for weeks on end, and felt stronger and sharper than when they were eating whole foods!Don't wait until it's too late! Get your first bottle of SurvivAMINO to keep yourself strong for a week, or get a case to keep a family of four safe for 3 weeks! Your purchase is backed by a 30 day unconditional refund. ADD TO YOUR CART TODAY!

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