Royal Medical Direct 180-Piece First Aid Kit - Hospital-Grade Emergency Medical Supplies for Traveling, Hiking, Camping, Home, or Auto - Portable, Lightweight and Travel Ready


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Be ready for the unexpected with a versatile, professional-grade medical first aid kit from Royal Medical Direct. You never know when someone you know or love will have an accident that requires immediate first aid; especially when you're outdoors traveling or adventuring. That's why you need the Royal Medical Direct 180-Piece First Aid Kit designed specifically for home, work or travel use. Multipurpose Medical Tools From minor cuts and scrapes, to deep splinters, to deep wounds, our first aid kit will help you prepare for the worst even though you hope for the best. And thanks to our included lightweight, compact case, you can take it with you wherever you go so you never have to think 'what if' when disaster strikes. 180-PIECE FIRST AID KIT CONTAINS: Scissors, Tweezers, Small Gauze Pads (4), Large Gauze Pads (2), Small Conforming Bandage (3), Large Conforming Bandage (3), Adhesive Tape Roll, Self-Adhesive Bandage, Tourniquet, Alcohol Prep Pads (20), Iodine Pads (10), Sting Relief Prep Pads (20), Band Aids (20), Antiseptic Wet Wipes (6), Soap Wipes (6), H-Shape Band-Aids (5), Closure Band-Aids (5), Small Wound Dressing, Large Wound Dressing, Cotton Buds (50), Triangular Bandage (2), Safety Pins (11), CPR Mask, PVC Gloves, Emergency Blanket, Rain Poncho, Burn Dressing, and Red Nylon Carry Pouch. Click 'Add to Cart' now and ensure you're prepared for almost any emergency or "boo boo" that comes your way.

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