Rifle Sling 550 Paracord - 2 Point - Survival Hunting Shooting - Extra Strong Multi Use (Black)


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Don't get caught out in the bush without one of Ace Two Tactical's versatile rifle slings! It could save your life. How it could save your life: Secure Tent or Tarp for Shelter Tourniquet, Secure a Splint, or Sling for your Arm Emergency Suture Material (inner threads) Make Traps or Snares Use as Fishing Line (inner threads) Other Functional Uses: Secure Boat to a Tree or use as Anchor Rope Hang something off the ground (keep food from bears, wolves) Bundle firewood together for easy transport Belt or Suspenders Replace broken Shoe String Tow Line - Double up for added strength Clothesline Rig a pulley system Rope to pull skid or sled Emergency Pull Cord to start boat engine Made from super strong 550 paracord (parachute cord), tough metal buckles, and steel swivels create a sturdy and solid point of attachment to your weapon. This sling not only is very functional but it flat out looks cool and is unique! Get ready for your buddies to ask you where you got it when you're plinking at the range.

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