Relief Pod International RP122-103K-820 Large Emergency Kit

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The Relief Pod Large Emergency Kit is designed to be your go-to survival resource for the critical first 24 hours after a disaster. The kit uses a proprietary design that is organized and color-coded to help you quickly find what you need, when you need it: red for first aid, yellow for tools, blue for food and water, and green for sanitary items and toiletries. The kit unfolds to reveal the contents organized in color-coded sections and clear individual pockets for quick, easy access. The kit weighs just 5 pounds., so it's easy to store in your car, home, office, dorm room, RV, or boat, and it's small enough to carry with in an evacuation or for camping and longer trips. The Relief Pod Large Emergency Kit is carefully designed to contain the things that you need to Live Ready for an emergency. Relief Pod has researched and designed the kit to be both durable and dependable. Every item inside the kit is manufactured to exacting quality standards, using only high-quality materials designed for performance. In putting together the kit, Relief Pod has made sure that it includes emergency supplies recommended by FEMA and the American Red Cross. A zipper pocket on the back of the kit provides a place for you to add items specific to your needs. All of the refillable items in the kit are standard travel size, so you can find refills at most drugstores or mass retailers. Contents (90 items, listed as they appear in kit): Tweezers, gel pen, notepad, first-aid pouch, cotton swabs, bandages, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, N95 latex-free face mask, latex-free gloves, multi-tool, glow sticks, crank flashlight/radio/charger, rope, crank charger attachments, signaling mirror, emergency blanket, rain poncho, compass/whistle, work gloves, duct tape, food bar, water packs, toilet tissues/seat covers, sanitary bags, toiletry pouch, cotton swabs, nail file, nail clippers, microfiber cloth, soap sheets, compressed towelettes, pill box, hairbrush/comb, four-section fold-out kit.

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