Prepper's Armed Defense: Lifesaving Firearms and Alternative Weapons to Purchase, Master and Stockpile

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A comprehensive guide to gun options as well as non-lethal and homemade alternatives needed for neutralizing attackers after a catastrophic collapseA massive disaster strikes. Civilization breaks down and with it goes the thin blue line of police protection. Days or even weeks pass before the National Guard arrives to protect law-abiding citizens. In the mean time, it's every man, woman, and family for themselves. Having self-sufficient means for protecting your family at this critical moment is essential. Thankfully, Prepper's Armed Defense details exactly how to achieve this high level of life-saving readiness. Far more than a gun guide, Prepper's Armed Defense is the mostcomprehensive, no-holds-barred guide to all type of weapons, includingknives and other edged weapons; non-lethal weapons like pepper spray,tasers and stun guns; plus last-minute improvised weapons made fromcommon household items.Among the weapons covered:FirearmsKnivesBrass knucklesBowsBlackjack and sapMonkey fist slungshotsClubs and batonsTonfa and other martial arts weaponsThe legalities of self-defense are also discussed as not all encounters will take place after a societal collapse.  From the proper way to relate the information to a police dispatcher to when you should call an attorney, the focus is on ensuring you don't end up behind bars for protecting your loved ones.Prepper's Armed Defense is your guide to inflicting the maximum amount of damage to those who would harm you and your family.

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