Paracord Grenade Survival Kit with Carabiner by Survival Frog


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DESCRIPTION Take control of your life into your own hands with this highly portable, versatile, and compact survival kit. This essential EDC (Every Day Carry) kit includes an assortment of the tools that are hardest to improvise in the wild. The Survival Frog Paracord Grenade Includes: • Razor Sharp Knife Blade • Ferroceum Fire Starter • Barbed Fishing Hooks (2) • Fishing Line (2) • Fishing Weights (2) • Fishing Floats (2) • Swivels (2) • Tin Foil • Tinder The Paracord Grenade Has So Many Survival Uses: • Start a fire outdoors with the fire starter, knife and tinder • Catch fish for a survival meal with fishing hooks, line and other fishing supplies • Use tin foil to signal for help, cook food or as a container to collect and hold water • Perfect survival tool for camping, backpacking, hiking and military personnel • Excellent gift for the outdoor enthusiast, hiker, or hunter • Keep it in your car emergency kit - you never know when an emergency situation may arise - be prepared! 100% GUARANTEED TO GIVE YOU PEACE OF MIND OR YOUR MONEY BACK - If you don't think this is the most useful survival kit, with the most portability, best tools, and most versatile tools available on Amazon, simply ask Amazon for a complete and full refund with just one click. Get your money back directly from Amazon - no questions asked. Prepare for anything that life has to throw at you TODAY - CLICK Add to Cart NOW...

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