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THE 10 PIECE LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE AND COMPACT CAMPING COOKING SET IS PERFECT FOR EVERY BACKPACKER AND CAMPER OUT THERE! • Extremely Lightweight-The entire 10 piece set weighs only 14 ounces. This is perfect for backpacking or for camping in circumstances when weight matters. • Extremely Durable-The pot and pan in this set are made from anodized aluminum that was manufactured using the highest industry standards. These pots and pans are designed to last for years and can be used without having to be replaced for a very long time. • Extremely Compact & Easy to Store-All of the components of this set are made to fit into a very compact canvas bag. This bag can be stored inside your backpack or can be attached to the exterior of the backpack using the versatile drawstrings of the canvas bag. • Very Easy to Clean and Maintain--The nonstick surface of the anodized aluminum pots and the loofah sponge mean that cleaning and maintaining this set is quick and easy. • Heat Resistant Handles--The pot and pan have heat resistant handles that make it easy to cook with and handle these tools throughout the cooking process. • Free Stainless Steel Spork-This set includes a free stainless steel spork that costs up to $9.00 alone by itself. This easy-to-use and compact utensil can be used to eat all of your camping meals. Package Includes: 1 Pot 1 Frying Pan 1 Pot/Pan Lid 2 Plastic Bowls 1 Spork 1 Wooden Spoon 1 Loofah Cleaning Sponge 1 Soup Spoon 1 Canvas Bag. This backpacking cookware -- mess kit can be used with a backpacking stove to cook your meals while outdoors. This camping cookware is also used for backpacking cookware and backpacking cooking gear for a camp mess kit by backpacking enthusiasts.

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