A2S Survival Gear Paracord 30pcs Emergency Kit First Aid Kit & Emergency Food finding Fishing Gear Compass Emergency Whistle Fire Starter set Survival Knife & more (Army Green, Large)


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Everyone can get into an unexpected emergency situation. In typical activities like camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing, , it is always best to be prepared. So why not be prepared without even needing to think about it before going on your journey? With the A2S Survival Gear Paracord 30pcs Emergency Kit , you will always be prepared! The Survival Kits are made of top quality, parachute cord that can easily lift a person or item. One of the essentials needed to survive a night in the wild is a fire and with the included magnesium flint rod and sharp, stainless steel, fire striker, that doubles as an emergency knife, you will be able to start one without much effort to boil some water, cook some food, and stay warm. In addition, the kit includes a powerful whistle that can be potentially life saving if you are ever lost or injured and need to get the attention of a passerby a few miles away. You can easily make your food by using the emergency fishing kit, if there is a lake or a river nearby. This definitely can be a life saver in extreme situations. Finally, when you're ready to make your way back home, the big, easy to view compass will come in handy to ensure you don't get further lost in the wild. Survival kit includes: D Shaped Carabiner, D Shaped Metal Connector, Compass, Metal Box, Paracord Bracelet Waving (7 inner strands) 15 feets, Paracute Cord (7 inner strands) 30 feet, Extra Strong Whistle, Knife Blade & Fire Scrapper, Fire Starter, Water Purify Pills (2X) 1 litter each (please leave 30 minutes before use the water), Fishing Hooks (2X), Floaters (2X), Swivels (2X), Fishing Line 10 feet, Fishing Sinkers (2X), Cotton Ball, Safety Pin (2X), Wire Saw, Alcohol Pads (2X), Needle, Aluminum Foil, Metal WireReusable Plastic Bag, Rubber Tube 2 feet

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