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This is a certified 850 pound test Paracord. Made by a Certified Military Contractor for all US Armed forces since 1943. This Contractor also offers MIL-SPECS: MIL-C-5040G, MIL-C-7515F, MIL-C-43256, MIL-C-43307, MIL-R-24677. Please see our other 550 paracord and 750 paracord. NOTE* It's science! A few customers have complained about fewer inner strands...What determines the breaking strength of a cord is the TENSILE strength of the inner strands not how many there are. Some 550 and 750 paracords may offer 11 or more inner strands but they are of a smaller diameter or lesser tensile strength. Even 5 big fat strands may be weaker than 1 strong slim one. These are the average diameters and Ultimate Tensile Strength of the three paracords: 550 1/8" - 5/32" UTS=556lb. 750 9/64"-11/64" 757lb. 850 5/32"-3/16" 856lb. We know 99.9% of you understand.

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