2 Pack Firestarter Paracord Survival Keychain Lanyard Carabiner- Best Survival Gear Gift For Father Day, Boy and Girl Scouts, Avid Outdoor Lovers - Military 7 Strand 550 Lb Test Cord (2 Army Green)


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Why everyone need a paracord emergency keychain? 1. It's a multifunctional essential survial gear. -The paracord is strong and versatile. The sturdy paracord is plenty to use for small emergencies. - It's clip and key ring are easy for you to tie something down or clip something on. - it has a flint and a striker. You could use a pocket knife or other sharp object to strike it. You can easily start fires to cook, keep warm, boil water. 2: Handbraided wellmade survival gift to get your man prepared at any time. Convenient for you to carry about. -This Key Chain is made of 100% Nylon 550 Paracord which is very strong. This is type III which is Military grade. It's a really paracord accessory that can save your life. -Fashional and practical survival keychain. they're tough, useful, and are an interesting addition to just about everything. - Compact and convenient. Hang it on a hook by the door, put it into your car, clip onto your belt loop or put it in the pocket of your bag, it fits nicely into the tight pocket, and doesn't add awkward bulk. What Are You Waiting For?

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